My Gear

Alright, so, I'm a music person. And that can get crazy. So, I thought I'll share my gear with you guys, just for the fun of it.

I'll be doing this in order of the signal chain:

1. My finger tips: covered with skin, made by God.

2. Dunlop Nylon Jazz III guitar picks. Some find these tiny, but I got used to them, it takes forever for them to wear out. You can play them as fast as your body would let you, and they are awesome to pick harmonics and squeals.

3. Strings: After trying a bunch of brands I decided to stick with Elixirs Nanowebs .09 on my Ibanez RG with Floyd Rose bridge. On my Strats I use .10 of the same brand, and on my Maverick .11.

4. Guitars:
a. Ibanez RG 320FM with Floyd Rose bridge. I removed its electronics and put in Seymour Duncan Distortion Humbuckers. Using electronics from Stewmac, I wired them with a split coil. In the back I installed a Tremol-no, also purchased at Stewmac.
b. Fender Stratocaster ( black Japanese, 1996). I removed the original electronics and installed the Fender Vintage Noiseless pickups with their pots.
c. Fender Stratocaster (cream Mexican, 2006). I bought it with the Fender Custom Shop pickups in it.
d. Maverick. This one I know the least about. It was a british brand, and the one I have is the cheapest they offered. Although it was cheap it's high quality, they even have the cavities shield-painted. For this one I installed the EMG Zakk Wylde active pickups set. Had to drill two more holes in it.